UsabilitySpeaks is bunch of extremely talented, creative and passionate Usabilty experts who brings innovation to everything they do. Their philosphy of “Less is More” helped us offer our customers 10 most value oriented feature rather than forcing them to use 50 irrelevant features which customer might not use ever. Outlining user experience casts a broader spectrum across many disciplines that includes design, market research, programming, human behavior and their team encompasses all. Best people to work with when requirements are evolving and fluid. Solid on facilitating constructive design discussions. Pleasure working with them.

Regional Head, Top Public Bank, UAE

We came in contact with Rachna and UsabilitySpeaks through an industry reference. We were looking for a UX Partner particularly for a challenging software project to develop a social networking application in facebook. We met many UI/UX companies but finally freezed on UsabilitySpeaks due to their strong reference and knowledge on the subject. The overall experience was flawless, stress free and extremely satisfying. Fantastic Team and Leadership makes it a strong performing unit.

Deputy General Manager, India’s # 1 Media House

Team UsabilitySpeaks is highly skilled and they add value to everything they take up. They have a unique ability to marry client requirement with market potential in very progressive manner. A Strong team that you want on your business.

Manager, Top US Audit Company

UsabilitySpeaks is a team of Ninjas who are ready to take up any assignment. Our engagement with them is a long story, however we were amazed to see them accelerating excellence in the User Experience created by them particularly in our enterprise applications. Relatively a young team that defines “DIGITAL” in a significant way which not just provide exceptional user experience but also world class design. The methodology used by them was coupled by their in-depth knowledge and experience to shape up the deliveries. The application offered by them is now being implemented across the client group because of its user friendly feature and engagement it brings from end users.

Principal Product Manager, Top US Software Company