Planning a Stakeholder meeting is a good idea to kick-off your project. In depth understanding of business objectives helps UX team setting up usability objectives.

When Should I Do

Make it a first group activity at the beginning of project, big/small in nature. This helps in setting up business context around the project, understanding core business problems & business target which needs to be addressed during the project.

Why do you need it?

  • Ensures that all factors that relate to use of the system are identified before design work starts.
  • Bring together all the people relevant to the business strategy, product development & customer service, to create a common vision.

Our Approach

UsabilitySpeaks Invites key stakeholders who posses business knowledge. This may include:

  • Business Manager
  • Project Manager
  • User Representative
  • Marketing
  • Developer
  • Training
  • Support

What do You Get

We write a concise report describing the following: Business Goals, Business Objectives, Competition Scenario, Current User Issues, Definition of Success, What Is not Success?, How to define success parameter. Next step after stakeholder interview is to gather user’s perspective and problem areas with the interactive system.

We can help you improve conversion and reduce abandonment. To discuss you specific requirement or current challenge then please, get in touch by email or contact us.

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